Sunday, August 28, 2011

Velvet Carpet

Velvet carpet is a rich and dense type of carpet that adds a very elegant and formal touch to your home. It is constructed of tightly twisted tufts that create a thick and luxurious appearance and a very soft texture.

Velvet carpet comes in two pile heights - low to medium and high. Low to medium pile heights tend to wear better over time, while high pile velvet carpet is more likely to crush under foot traffic. Think of the texture of velvet carpet as the texture of a velvet dress. When the velvet is moved in different directions, a pattern can be seen. Velvet carpet displays the same effect.

While this kind of carpet is rather luxurious, be sure to consider the risks involved. Sometimes, the carpet can take on an undesirable direction after installation, creating an odd shading and that can create sections of the rug that look crushed. This is called "watermarking" or "pooling". This is not the fault of the manufacturer, but is a characteristic of this type of carpet. Make sure you know the manufacturer's warranty forward and backward before settling on this carpet, as you may not be able to have it replaced.

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