Sunday, August 7, 2011

Choosing Your Grout Color

Choosing your tile was hard enough. Now you've got to choose your grout color! This can drastically effect the complete look of any room.

First, thinking about the overall look you're going for with your house and each specific room. If you choose a color that closely matches the color of the tile, they will blend seamlessly together. However, if you choose a color with a hard contrast, the result will be an edgier, more dramatic look.

From rustic to sophisticated, timeless to trendy, the choice is yours! Here are a few tips to help you make this decision:

  • White grout usually looks best with pure white tiles.
  • If using a white or cream grout in any high-traffic area you should seal it. This will make clean up easier over time.
  • Darker colored grout hides more dirt, though the look itself cab tend to look dirty.
  • Dark grout has been known to fade from sunlight and/or harsh cleaners.
  • Epoxy grout works better than sealer from keeping stains out. It works especially well on counter-tops, where there is a high-risk of stains.
  • Areas where a tiled surface meets a perpendicular surface should be caulked and not grouted. You’ll need to re-caulk annually where the counter-top meets the back splash, for example.
  • Keep grout from the original installation in case of repair. Grout from a later batch might not match exactly.
  • If you choose the wrong color, you’re not necessarily out of luck. Grout can be re-stained, bleached and colored even after it has been applied.
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