Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Office Makeover

One thing that sets Benchmark Contracting apart from other general contractors is our ability to creatively envision with you for the best possible outcome. We work with your existing space, your budgetary constraints, and your ideas to design the perfect layout for your business.

Businesses have different needs in terms of privacy, soundproofing, seating, office spaces, lobby size, and front or back office billing areas. We will ask you all the important questions that you may not have considered to get you from "Oh, that looks better." to "This is my office? Wow!"

We even want to know how long your patients usually wait. Is it a short time and you merely need somewhere to store magazines so they don't look a mess and a friendly layout that works for both patients and staff? Or is there generally a fairly long wait with several doctors coming and going for their patients that requires a wider hallway and spaces for television and a fish tank in the lobby? Have you considered upgrading your electrical system to include more outlets for charging iPads and cell phones that clients frequently use while waiting? Leave it to us to consider all these factors and more!

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