Friday, November 30, 2012

Small Kitchen Makeover

Do you have a tiny kitchen, but your current setup is not working with the space you have? Here are some tips and tricks for redesigning a small kitchen for functionality and appearance:

Choose smaller appliances. European appliances tend to be thinner than US appliances, so their smaller spaces are better designed. Look for a European brand when shopping for a smartly designed dishwasher to keep all the modern conveniences with the same cleaning capacity.

Move the faucet. In addition to having a smaller basin, get rid of the faucet built into the sink and mount it to the wall.

Switch out the oven. A convection/electrical oven will allow you to double burner size with a turn of the knob instead of having burners that you never use. Opt for a narrow model, about 24", which is still wide enough for a turkey, and often has the ability to rotisserie a chicken by moving the drawers.

Chill out. Your refrigerator is the bulkiest appliance in the kitchen. Search for under-counter fridge or freezer drawers for tight spaces, or replace your existing fridge with a narrow model that may be taller.

Lay it out well. The most important space in a kitchen is the area between the cooking surface and the sink. As long as this space is at least 36” you won’t feel cramped during meal preparation. Even if the cook top has to be within 6-9” of a tiled wall, it’s good to maintain these measurements for ease of cooking

Open up. Avoid wall cabinets which can make the space feel boxed in. Instead, use floating shelves for storing and displaying dishes.

Declutter. Keep only the gadgets and items that you truly need and use on a regular basis. After all, a professional chef can whip up a gourmet meal with just basic kitchen items. You can, too.

Source: Cultivate

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