Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Things You Need to Know

5 Things Your Contractor Wishes You to Know

1. The remodel starts with you. Be decisive. Have a clear vision of the finished product. Establish good lines of communication for your expectations. This will allow the process to be smooth, quick, enjoyable, and successful.

2. Research is encouraged. Do your homework to keep the process on track and under budget by researching your project and contractor. Visit job sites, talk to client references, or price construction materials to find the right fit for your remodel. Contractors are happy to help with these things, but may not have the time to look into 20 different materials that kind of interest you.

3. It's a budget balancing act. The planning process must include how much you're willing to spend. Finding a balance between spending too much and spending too little will help you come up with a strategy you and your budget can tolerate.

4. Be realistic about timing. Things that look simple on paper can be time-consuming and costly. From surprising mold underneath a floor to removing a wall, be flexible with your time frame. Schedule the project realistically.

5. Micromanaging slows down the work. Be a part of the process, but trust us to get the job done on time. If the homeowner is hovering, the contractor will cater to the homeowner and have less time to work and to manage. Touch base every couple of days to maintain open communication.

Source; USA Weekend 1/27/12

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