Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wood Flooring - Why?

Are you considering pulling up your carpet and installing a shiny new wood floor? Take a moment to consider these facts about wood flooring!

Wood flooring is...

1. Affordable - Wood flooring is a lifetime product that adds value to your home when it comes time to sell! Even if you spend a pretty penny on the wood and installation, hardwood flooring is one of the most sought after renovations when it comes to home construction because of it's value over time.

2. Easy to Maintain - Placing area rugs and floor protectors over your new hardwood flooring is a great way to keep your floor looking new. Routine maintenance with hardwood floor cleaner should be implemented from time to time. If you follow those simple rules, making a quick pass with the broom and vacuum will keep your floors healthy for a long time!

3. Ecologically Sound - Wood floors are created from a natural resource that is sustainable. Most timber is cut from forests that are managed to ensure continued production of resources. In fact, the amount of hardwood timber that is produced doubles each year! Today, there is more standing hardwood timer than 50 years ago!

4. Healthy - With indoor air quality being a huge concern with homeowners, it is good to know that hard wood flooring helps to contribute to a health living environment. Hard surfaces do not harbor dust mites or molds, creating better overall air quality within the home.

5. Vast in Variety - Today, there are so many colors, sizes, styles and finishes available that the possibilities with hardwood flooring are virtually endless!

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Source: WoodFloorsOnline

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