Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tile Types - Granite Tile

While granite tile makes for a stunning floor, wall or countertop, it can be difficult to work with as it is very heavy.

Because granite tile is so heavy, the subflooring must be solid, with no flex capabilities. Gravity will constantly pull on the granite tile and can damage the flooring underneath if not supported properly.

When using granite tile on walls, they must be secured very carefully to ensure they do not slip out of place.

Another thing to consider with granite tile is that it does not come with self-spacing lugs on the edges, meaning you'll have to space the tiles by eye or use plastic spacers until the tiles are dry in place.

Granite tile can add sparkle and character to any room, but it must be done carefully. For more information on this and any other type of tile, visit our website!

Source: Ask The Builder

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