Monday, June 20, 2011

Tile Types - Quarry Tile

  • Quarry tile is a commonly used type of tile that is made from natural clay. It is usually 13-19 mm thick and is known for its characteristics of durability. For this reason Quarry tile is often used for commercial flooring.
  • Traditionally, Quarry tile is unglazed and is red or grey in color, though it can sometimes be found in shades of brown, black or white.
  • Quarry tile is available in freeze-resistant grades which make them suitable for outdoor settings, especially in the winter.
  • Quarry tile is also slip resistant and are therefore commonly used in kitchen areas or places that tend to be wet or slippery.
  • This type of tile is very easy to make and is very affordable in today's market.
  • The slip resistant characteristic of the tiles make them good for areas that are prone of being wet and slippery.
  • The main disadvantage of Quarry tile is that any colored liquid that spills on the tile can stain it indefinitely. This can be prevented by sealing the tile, but this can be a very difficult process which requires great attention to detail.
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Source: Quarry Tile

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